Bodies Aren't "One Size Fits All." Yoga Shouldn't Be Either

Discover an online yoga community that celebrates you..... just the way you are

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    What if you could practice without fear of judgement or criticism
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    Imagine having guidance from an expert teacher who can show you how to make your practice your own
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    What if you found a community of  supportive yogis, just like you, to share your journey

Hi, I'm Dianne Bondy. I've made it my life mission to bring yoga to people who feel like they don't belong

Magical Things Happen When You Learn to Love Your Body

Have you ever walked into a yoga studio and felt invisible? Or worse, that you didn’t fit in with the “in” crowd there? You’re not alone. Yoga classes are everywhere these days. but that doesn’t mean they feel welcoming or inclusive. 

You should feel joy and acceptance in your yoga community.

Yoga can teach you the life-changing lesson of radical self-love, if you can find an accepting community to support you along the way.

There Is No "One" Right Way to Do Yoga

Wherever you are in your yoga journey, I've created something with you in mind. 

An online yoga membership community for people who might not feel comfortable in mainstream yoga classes, Yoga For All Students includes 250+ on-demand videos taught by me, Dianne Bondy. I’m an E-RYT 500 teacher with more than 1000 hours of training and I’m the leader of the Yoga For All movement. 

I created Yoga For All Students because I believe that everyone deserves a yoga practice if they want one, regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or ability. As a life-long yoga practitioner and teacher, I understand the nuances of yoga postures and can help you break them down into easy to understand movements that will work in your body.

Yoga for All Students won't officially be open until November, but you now have the opportunity to join as a  Founding Member

We are live, but we aren't advertising or sending any one here just yet. We want to get only a handful of new members right now so we can get all the kinks worked out for the big launch.  Get started now

Membership Includes

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    Classes to fit any schedule
    Classes range from five minute to over 2 hours. 
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    Over 250 On Demand Yoga Classes
    Including the new "Yoga for Everyone" Course that is based on my new book. Enjoy a variety of class styles and choose a class to match your every mood. 
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    Practice anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.
    Enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to all your favorite classes
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    A supportive community of like-minded yoga practicioners
    Ask questions, share storied and make friends.Including the new "Yoga for Everyone" Course that is based on my new book. Enjoy a variety of class styles and choose a class to match your every mood. 

Learn With These Series of Classes

In addition to over 200 classes. You can also enjoy class "Series." These are groups of classes that work together to help you reach your goals and build a stronger more consistent practice.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for Everyone

50 detailed videos that break down and 50 of the most common yoga poses and their variations PLUS 10 sequences inspired by my new book, Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Bodyep it simple. 

Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Learn to love your curves and create a safe, effective practice for all body shapes, sizes and abilities. This series includes the basics, modifications for key poses, a guide to transitions.

Customize Your Practice

Customize Your Practice

An in-depth look at how to modify the practice to suit your body. Explore all nine sequences in this series so you’re ready to customize your yoga practice any time, anywhere so that it works well for your body.

Intro to Yoga

Intro toYoga

New to yoga, or looking to reconnect with your practice? This is a great place to start. In this four-part series, we demonstrate the basics of a strong foundation practice.

Thirty Day Challenge

Thirty Day Yoga Challenge

Boost your enthusiasm for yoga as you strengthen your body, calm your mind and develop a solid yoga practice with the Thirty Day Yoga Challenge!

Back to Basics

This dedicated, 4-part series will help you navigate the yoga practice using an uncomplicated, inclusive approach to the principles and practices of essential yoga asanas (or poses).

Join Now At Special "Founding Member" Pricing

Have you ever been part of a something new and exciting?

We're building something radical here, and you're invited to join. 

To thank you for joining us before our big Launch, we would like to give you a special price. These prices will go up by January 1st. You will get to keep the lowest possible price for as long as you stay a member!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not everything works for everyone. That's ok. You can cancel your membership with one click. If your unsatisfied in any way, we'll refund your last monthly payment. Just let us know! 

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